LUX Film Prize (2007-2019)

What was the LUX Film Prize?

The LUX Film Prize, established in 2007, had been awarded each year by the European Parliament, until the institution joined forces with the European Film Academy and introduced the LUX Audience Award in 2020.

The Prize was named after the unit of illuminance, "lux", which is Latin for "light". The objective of the LUX Prize was to illuminate the public debate on European integration and to facilitate the diffusion of European films within the European Union, which remains a core element of the new award.

In the frame of LUX Film Prize, 10 films were selected by the Selection Panel. The selection process left room for individual submissions as well.

Out of the 10 films, 3 finalists shortlisted were subtitled in the 24 languages of the European Union and were screened all across Europe. Only MEPs were able to vote on the nominees and therefore determine the winner.

Although MEPs decided on the winner, the public could also have its say via the Audience Mention: during the Lux Film Days screenings the audience were able to vote for their favourite of the three finalists, although this vote did not have a direct influence on the outcome of the LUX Prize winner.

We invite you to explore the collection of the LUX films.