The Teachers' Lounge poster

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Germany | 98 min | 2023

Carla Nowak, a young high school gym and math teacher, reports for her first class at her new high school. What mainly distinguishes Carla from her new colleagues is her idealism. But a series of unsolved thefts sours the atmosphere among the teaching staff. When a Turkish student is accused and humiliatingly summoned before the principal, Carla decides to investigate. With the help of a hidden camera and to everyone’s surprise, she exposes the thief: the inconspicuous staff secretary, Friederike Kuhn. But her revelation presents Carla with an unsolvable dilemma: Friederike Kuhn is the mother of her most talented pupil, Oskar Kuhn. For Carla, the forces she has unleashed slide steadily out of control. On the one hand, she is increasingly isolated from her colleagues. On the other hand, Carla has to face up to the psychological strain she has caused Oskar, as the other kids start calling him “son of a thief”. The school administration has an uncomplicated solution for such cases: Oskar is to be transferred to another school. Oskar, unintimidated as his suspended mother, contacts the school newspaper, to publicize his mother’s perspective which sparks a heated debate over truth and justice.


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