Join the conference! Cinema in Action: Use Your Voice, Use Your Vote. For Democracy.

The European Parliament unites with film industry representatives to raise a common call for civic engagement, to support European democracy and encourage people to use their vote in the European Elections, 6-9 June.

Cinema has the power to shed light on present injustices, provoke reflections on history's patterns, and contemplate future risks. Cinema anticipates, warns, enlightens and contributes to the discovery of realities, histories and cultures one might ignore bridging generational, linguistic, and geographical divides. In other words, cinema is a universal art form that has the power to inspire people all over the world.

Ahead of the European Elections (6-9 June), this conference seeks to underscore the importance of every citizen's voice and vote. Do not miss out - register now!

Saturday, May 18th
12.00 – 13.00
Main Stage (Riviera), Cannes Film Market

Unable to make it to Cannes? No worries! Follow it live on the LUX Audience Award YouTube channel.

Join the movement: Use your vote. Or others will decide for you.

The European elections are an opportunity for every citizen to shape the future of Europe, while also helping uphold democracy - because the more people vote the stronger democracy becomes.

We believe that democracy is not only a fundamental right but also a responsibility that each of us shares in safeguarding - and the most direct way to do so is by voting.

The message is clear: use your vote, or others will decide for you. Through this initiative, the European Parliament aims to mobilize filmmakers, stakeholders, producers, and the wider cinema industry to unite behind the "go to vote" message.

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