Countdown to 16 April begins: LUX Audience Award Ceremony 2024 to brighten European Parliament's Hemicycle in Brussels

The countdown begins for the much-awaited LUX Audience Award ceremony 2024, scheduled to take place on April 16th in the Hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels.

Lux audience award ceremony


This year's event promises to be an exciting celebration of European cinema, culminating in the announcement of the winner among the current nominees. Register now if you wish to attend in person.

The LUX Audience Award is a joint initiative of the European Parliament and the European Film Academy in collaboration with the European Commission and Europa Cinemas. It has become a beacon for fostering dialogue and engagement between politics and the public through the medium of film. Since its inception, the award has grown exponentially in stature, establishing itself as the largest audience award worldwide.

For the second time ever, the number of nominated films has been increased from three to five, reflecting the rich tapestry of storytelling and diversity present in contemporary European cinema. The finalists for the 2024 LUX Audience Award include:

  • 20,000 Species of Bees by Estíbaliz Urresola (Spain)
  • Fallen Leaves by Aki Kaurismäki (Finland/Germany)
  • On the Adamant by Nicolas Philibert (France/Japan)
  • Smoke Sauna Sisterhood by Anna Hints (Estonia/France/Iceland)
  • The Teachers’ Lounge by Ilker Çatak (Germany)

Since the announcement of the nominees during Venice Film Festival, European citizens and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have been collaborating in watching and rating the films. This collective effort highlights the importance of using your vote and the value of democracy in creating cultural connections.

Ahead of the 2024 European Elections in 6-9 June, the upcoming ceremony in the European Parliament brings together MEPs, filmmakers, and citizens in a shared celebration of cinematic excellence, cultural diversity and democracy.

The evening will include speeches from prominent figures, including Vice-president Evelyn Regner in charge of the LUX Audience Award and Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education Sabine Verheyen, as well as of the representatives of the five nominated films.

The LUX Audience Award ceremony not only honours outstanding filmmaking but also serves as a platform for fostering meaningful dialogue on pressing issues facing contemporary society. Through the power of storytelling, these films inspire empathy, provoke thought, and encourage collective action towards building a more inclusive and compassionate world.

The LUX Audience Award is a testament to the enduring power of European cinema to captivate, enlighten, and unite audiences across borders. Do not miss out and register now for an unforgettable evening celebrating the magic of cinema and the spirit of European unity via this link.