LUX Audience Award Selection Panel Meeting in European Parliament

The LUX Audience Award is preparing for its next exciting chapter as the Selection Panel Meeting has taken place on 28th June in the European Parliament in Brussels.

LUX Audience Award Selection Panel Meeting


The event brought together renowned film experts from across Europe to discuss and select the best films for the LUX Audience Award 2024 competition that reflect the beauty and diversity of European cinema.

The Selection Panel Meeting, a key milestone in the LUX Audience Award process, gathered a group of esteemed film professionals who carefully assessed and deliberated on the shortlisted films. Their task was to identify the outstanding movies that can make a lasting impact on European audiences and truly embody the values and aspirations of the LUX Audience Award.

The panel members, carefully selected for their expertise and deep understanding of European cinema, engaged in insightful discussions, drawing from their diverse backgrounds and experiences. Their collective knowledge and discerning taste contributed to the selection of films that demonstrate exceptional storytelling, compelling narratives, and thought-provoking themes.

The films will be revealed at the Venice Film Festival on September 1st. Stay tuned for updates on the LUX Audience Award journey as we eagerly await the announcement of the 5 nominated films.

You can consult the list of panellists in our section on LUX selection panel.