LUX Audience Award Selection Panel Meeting in the European Parliament

The LUX Audience Award is entering an exciting new phase in the upcoming Selection Panel Meeting, which will take place on June 10-11th in the European Parliament in Brussels.

philipp schulmeister

This significant event will bring together renowned film experts from across Europe to discuss and select the five nominated films for the LUX Audience Award 2025 competition. These films aim to reflect the diversity and power of European cinema while raising awareness of Europe’s social, political and cultural issues.

As a key milestone in the LUX Audience Award process, the Selection Panel Meeting will assemble a group of esteemed film professionals who will carefully assess and deliberate on the shortlisted films. The Panel members are tasked with identifying outstanding European films that could make a lasting impact on European audiences and reflect the European values.

The panel members, chosen for their expertise and deep understanding of European cinema, will engage in insightful discussions, drawing from their diverse backgrounds and dynamic experiences. Their collective knowledge and professional experience will contribute to the selection of films that demonstrate exceptional storytelling, compelling themes and thought-provoking narratives.

You can learn more about our list of panellists in the section of our website LUX selection panel, as well as the film selection process here .

The highly anticipated announcement of the selected films for the LUX Audience Award 2025 will take place at the European Parliament in Strasbourg in September, coinciding with the Parliament’s plenary session. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on the LUX Audience Award journey through our website and social media as we eagerly await the reveal of the five nominated films.