LUX Audience Award conference: European cinema and democracy take centre stage

Fostering engagement towards the European Elections

Cinema as a tool for democracy


The European Parliament organises a conference to contribute to enhanced transnational cultural exchanges and more open societies based on critical thinking and intercultural dialogue.

Berlinale is set to host an event on February 17th, 2024 between 7 PM to 9 PM at the conference lounge of the Gropius Pavilion of the European Film Market.

The event, titled "Cinema as a tool for democracy: Walking Together the Path to the European Elections 2024", is poised to ignite discussions on the vital role of European cinema in shaping societal values and promoting democratic engagement.

European cinema has a rich history of addressing complex societal issues with depth and artistic honesty. From themes of war, migration, and environmental concerns to the fight for human rights and cultural diversity, European filmmakers have consistently used their craft to provoke thought and inspire action. Now, as Europe gears up for the European Elections in June 2024, the spotlight turns towards the role of cinema in fostering democratic values and encouraging citizens’ participation.

At the heart of the debate lies the recognition that democracy thrives when citizens are engaged and empowered. The European Parliament, as the legislative body representing over 500 million Europeans, plays a pivotal role in shaping policies that impact daily lives. From cultural preservation to fostering artistic freedom and expression, the European Parliament's decisions reverberate across borders, shaping the fabric of European society.

The debate aims to underscore the importance of engaging diverse voices from the cultural and cinema world in the democratic process. Filmmakers, producers, artists, and festivals are called upon to mobilise support and encourage voter participation in the upcoming European Elections. Through collaborative efforts and creative initiatives, the film industry can serve as a powerful catalyst for driving voter turnout and promoting civic engagement.

The programme features esteemed speakers and panellists, including members of the Committee on Culture and Education of the European Parliament Ms. Monica Semedo, Ms. Diana Riba I Giner, and Mr. Emmanuel Maurel, Ms Renate Nikolay, Deputy Director-General For DG Connect, Ms. Susan Newman, Executive Director of Eurimages, and and Mr Christophe Leparc, Member of the Board of the European Film Academy. Together, they will explore how cinema and culture can reinforce democratic engagement, bridge societal divides, and foster a sense of collective responsibility.

The exchange of ideas promises to spark new strategies and approaches to encourage citizen participation in the democratic process.